Business Communication

According to Everett M. Rogers, 2004, Communication is a process in which two or more persons to exchange information with one another, which in turn will come to mutual understanding.

Internal and external functions of Business Communication are:

1. To inform

2. To persuade

3. To promote goodwill

Internal consist of superiors, subordinates and co-workers.

Functions are:

• Issue and explain the rules / procedures

• Inform the progress of the company

• Encourage employees to do repairs

• Evaluation, reward and reprimand employees

External consist of consumers, suppliers, governments, and public.

Functions are:

• Persuade consumers to buy products

• Describe the product or service

• Clarifying the required specifications

• Promote the positive image the company

• Giving credit and collect the receivables

Written communication, (like announcement, memo, e-mail, letter, report, proposal etc) has advantages that permanent record, message that is planned, economical, easier distribution.

Oral Communication, (like conversations, phone calls, interviews, meetings, conferences) has advantages that direct feedback, can capture nonverbal, easy.

Barriers to business communication are:

• Closed communication climate, few employees know about our company, information, are owned by the leader.

• The organizational structure of large and tiered, distortion, delayed delivery, a different perception.

• Filtering, the message changed, shortened or extended.

• Do not believe, felt tricked, manipulated or treated unfairly.

• Rivalry between employees, keep each other information that can benefit others.

• Status and power.

Overcoming barriers to business communication are:

• Encourage open communication climate, encouraging input and feedback from employees

• Simplify the organizational structure, reducing layers, faster information

• Promote horizontal communication, improve morale, adding ideas.

• Creating a central issue, the employee could confirm a growing issue

• Making a formal channels such as newsletters to load the news / information company

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