I. Identify the correct determines in the following sentences !

1. Television

my television was stolen by a robber last night.


2. Car

I bought a new red car yesterday.


3. News

Lately, there was a lot of news about the misdeeds of the artist.


4. Geography

Faculty of Geography, Padjajaran University, will re-hold National Geography Olympiad for Senior High Schools and Junior High School from September 12 – 28.


5. Atmosphere

Many couples want to go to Paris because the atmosphere is very romantic.


6. Person

To be a good person, we must kind to the other person by helping them in difficult situation.

7. Water

I need a glass of water when i choke.


8. Pencil

I give  5 pencil to him because he had helped me do my job.


9. Food

My mother bought some food for lunch yesterday.


10. Tooth

I will have toothache if i ate all of chocolate which you gave to me.


11. Soap

We can buy natural soap in mini market nearby.

12. Soup

I like to eat a bowl of soup when the day is hot.


13. Cup

My Father usually drink a cup of coffee and read newspaper everymorning.


14. Money

The pickpocket had taken my money in public transportation.

15. Hydrogen

Hydrogen that contained in water, is  the most important for photosynthesis process.

16. Minute

I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes in front of your house.



Priska Septivia




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