Astra Honda Motor’s Profile

PT. Astra Honda Motor


PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is the pioneer of Indonesia’s motorcycle industry. Founded on June 11, 1971 with initial name of PT Federal Motor, whose stock is majority owned by PT Astra International. At that time, PT Federal Motor only assemble, while the components are imported from Japan in CKD (completely knock down).

Type the first motorcycle in production Honda is a business type, S 90 Z 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 90cc. Total production in the first year for one year only 1500 units, but jumped to around 30 thousand in the year and continues to grow today. The motorcycle continued to grow and become one of the mainstay of transportation in Indonesia.
Government policy in terms of localization of auto components to encourage PT Federal Motor producing various motorcycle components Hondatahun 2001 in the country through several subsidiaries, including PT Honda Federal (1974) which produces the basic components such as the Honda motorcycle frame, wheels, exhaust and so on , PT Showa Manufacturing Indonesia (1979) which specifically produces shock absorbers, PT Astra Honda Engine Manufacturing (1984) that produce motorcycle engines as well as PT Federal Izumi Mfg. (1990) which is specialized producing piston.
Along with the development of economic conditions and growth of the motorcycle market place changes in the composition of ownership in this Honda motorcycle manufacturer. In 2000 PT Federal Motor and several subsidiaries in the merger to become one with the name of PT Astra Honda Motor, the composition of its shareholding to 50% owned by PT Astra International Tbk and 50% owned by Honda Motor Co. Japan.
Currently, PT Astra Honda Motor has 3 facilities assembly plant, the first factory is located Sunter, North Jakarta, which also serves as the headquarters. The second factory is located in Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading, as well as the factory to 3 are at once the most sophisticated factory located in the MM 2100 West Cikarang, Bekasi. Factory to 3 is a new assembly plant facility that began operating since 2005.
With all these facilities of PT Astra Honda Motor currently has a production capacity of 3 million units of motorcycles per year, to demand the motorcycle market in Indonesia continues to increase.
One of the peak performance achieved by PT Astra Honda Motor is the attainment of production to 20 million in 2007. This achievement represents the first successful accomplishment achieved by the motorcycle industry in Indonesia, even to the level of ASEAN. In the achievement of Honda motorcycle production is 20 million units of the third, after the Honda motorcycle factory in China and India.
To support the needs and satisfaction pelannggan Honda motorcycles, while PT Astra Honda Motor in dealer showrooms boosted by 1600 is coded H1 sales, service or repair service 3800 AHASS (Astra Honda Authorized Service Station) with the code H2, and 6500 spare parts outlets or H, which is ready to serve millions of the use of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia.
Motorcycle industry is now a major industry in Indonesia. Employees of PT Astra Honda Motor alone currently numbers around 13,000 people, plus 130 vendors and suppliers as well as thousands of other networks, all of which provides the economic impact of a chain of extraordinary. The entire economic chain is expected to memberika employment opportunities to about 500 thousand people. PT Astra Honda Motor will continue to work to produce the means of transport wheel 2 is fun, safe and economically in line with expectations and needs of the people of Indonesia.


Consumer Growth motorcycles increased remarkable. In the midst of competition is so sharp due to the many brand new arrivals, Honda motorcycle that had long been in Indonesia, with all its advantages, still dominate the market and simultaneously meet the transport needs a strong, efficient and ekonomis.Menjawab these challenges, organizations are behind the success of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia continues to strengthen itself.
PT Astra Honda Motor is the synergy benefits of technology and marketing network in Indonesia, a developing partnership between Honda Motor Company Limited, Japan and PT Astra International Tbk, Indonesia.
Honda Motor technological excellence recognized throughout the world and has been proven on many occasions, both on the highway or on the track racing. Honda is also developing technologies that can address the needs of customers which are the engine “naughty” and fuel efficient, making it the pioneer of an economical two-wheeled vehicles.
No wonder, if the resale price of Honda motorcycles remain tinggi.Astra International has a comprehensive knowledge about the needs of motorcycle users in Indonesia, thanks to network marketing and extensive experience. Astra also able to facilitate the purchase and provide after sales service such that the more superior brand Honda.


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