Indonesian Banking Architecture (API)

Indonesian Banking Architecture (API) is a basic framework of the Indonesian banking system that is comprehensive and provides direction, shape, and structure of the banking industry for the range of five to ten years into the future. The direction of policy development the banking industry in the future outlined in the API is based on a vision to achieve a healthy banking system, strong and efficient financial system in order to create stability in order to help drive national economic growth.
Rests of the blue print of the national banking needs and as a continuation of the banking restructuring program that has been running since 1998, Bank Indonesia on January 9, 2004 has launched the API as an overall framework of banking industry development policy directions Indonesia in the future. The launch of the API is not apart from the efforts of the Government and Bank Indonesia to rebuild Indonesia’s economy through the publication of the Government white paper in accordance with Presidential Instruction No. 5 of 2003, when the API becomes one of the main program in the white paper.
Focused on the fundamental desire to have a stronger banking system and by taking into account inputs obtained in implementing the API during the last two years, Bank Indonesia felt the need to improve the programs of activities listed in the API. Completion of the API activity programs are not apart from the developments that have occurred in national and international economy. Completion of the API programs, among other strategies include more specific about the development of Islamic banking, BPR, and UMKM in the future so that the API is expected to have a more complete program of activities and a comprehensive banking system as a whole related to commercial banks and rural banks, both conventional and Islamic, and development of UMKM….


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